What You Need to Know About Ground Beams in Construction

It’s not always possible to adopt a one-size fits all approach when it comes to preparing foundations for construction projects, and this is where ground beams come in handy. Read on to discover what ground beams actually are and their many appealing benefits.

What is a ground beam?

A concrete ground beam is typically used in place of other foundation techniques, such as concrete footings. In the place of strip or trench footings, a concrete slab called a beam is laid on top of piles or pad foundations. Once fully dried, the ground beam can support blockwork or brick walls - it can even be used to edge a concrete floor in some cases.

What does the ground beam installation process entail?

Ground beams made from reinforced concrete, which rests either directly on the soil or on concrete piles or pad foundations. After site excavation and the pile or pad foundations are in place, formwork is positioned to enclose the entire ground beam area. Once everything is correctly positioned, the concrete reinforcement should be tied into place. At this stage, pre-mixed concrete is poured into the formwork, ensuring complete and even coverage at all points.  After the concrete is compacted, it should be left for 24 hours before the formwork is removed.

You can also find precast ground beams, which are delivered to site ready formed and are lowered into place by a crane. These beams are often stitched together to form a larger surface area, in addition to being tied to the pile or pad foundations to secure them.

What are the benefits of ground beams?

Ground beams offer many appealing features to construction contractors, including:


Ground beams are extremely strong due to their consistency and durability. They are made of strong and durable materials, like steel or concrete, which allow them to withstand heavy loads and last for many years.


The density of ground beams makes them very stable, as it adds weight to the construction project. Therefore, they are also useful in securing the finished building.

Load distribution

Beams are designed to distribute weight evenly, which helps to reduce the stress on any one point in the foundation. This helps prevent settling or cracking of the foundation over time.


In comparison to other foundation support options, such as piles or caissons, beams offer a cost-effective construction solution.

Smooth finish

Precast concrete beams have a smooth finish that will enhance your project’s aesthetic. It’s important to consider that if beams have rough edges, the building will also appear rough. However, the preplanned consistency and streamlined methods used in manufacturing these products will effectively prevent this.

At Capital Piling, we are experts in the installation of RC slab foundations and ground beams. Working with both residential and commercial clients, we are committed to providing high-quality services in London, Essex and Guilford. Get in touch for a free quote from our team of piling contractors.

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