Screw Piles also know as Helical Piles...

During the screw piling process, piles are ‘screwed’ into the ground by hand, or by excavator, using hydraulic equipment. The screw piles are driven to a specific torque, calculated by a structural engineer, to ensure effective and safe installation. Vibration and noise is minimal as this method requires no hammering, and there is no requirement for waste removal.  

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Screw Piles

Screw Piles can be installed at any angle…

Screw Piles are an effective solution for complex projects, especially when working in protected or restricted areas. Also, due to the nature of this type of piling, building can commence immediately after installation.

Key Features:
  • Ideal for use in restricted areas
  • Low noise & vibration
  • Excellent resistance
  • Versatile – can be installed at any angle
  • Safe for installation in protected areas
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The advantages of Screw Piles

Heave Resistant
Heave Resistant

Our pile shafts have a maximum diameter of 89mm, providing exceptional resistance against the impacts of expansive soil heave

Any Angle
Any Angle

We have the flexibility to drive Screw Piles at any desired angle to accommodate your specific design requirements

Tree/Root Protection Areas
Tree/Root Protection Areas

Screw Piles are consistently chosen as the preferred foundation option for construction projects located within tree protection areas.

Low Noise/Vibration
Low Noise/Vibration

The installation process employs a torque motor to seamlessly drive piles into the ground, eliminating the need for any hammering or vibratory actions

Build Instantly
Build Instantly

The piles are capable of immediately bearing full loads. We provide a diverse range of terminations to accommodate various load types, including tension, compression, and combination loads.

No Excavation
No Excavation

The installation of Screw Piling involves no excavation beforehand or during the process, resulting in no need for waste disposal

Screw Piles Benefits include

Screw Piles Benefits include:

Efficient Installation: Screw Piles can be swiftly and conveniently installed, saving time and reducing labour requirements.

Versatile Applications: They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial, industrial, and environmental projects.

Minimal Environmental Impact: Screw Piles require no excavation, resulting in minimal disturbance to the surrounding environment. They are an eco-friendly foundation solution.

Immediate Load Bearing: Once installed, Screw Piles are capable of bearing full loads immediately, allowing for swift construction progress.

Adaptability: Screw Piles can be installed at varying angles to accommodate specific design requirements and challenging soil conditions.

Cost-Effective: With efficient installation and reduced excavation needs, Screw Piles offer cost savings in terms of labour, equipment, and material expenses.

Durable and Reliable: Screw Piles provide excellent resistance to soil movements, including expansive soil heave, ensuring long-term stability and structural integrity.

Proven Performance: Screw Piles have been extensively used and tested, demonstrating their reliability and effectiveness as a trusted foundation solution.

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